What's your fav coloured birds?

One of my silkie roos is silver partridge but he is a light beige-grey woth red on the shoulders and chest. He has shiny blue tail and wing feathers. I think it's quite pretty.
I’m pretty fond of those iridescent black feathers. I love blue/lavender too. It’s so hard to pick favorite colors. I like having a lot of variety. ☺️
Yes I like those black feathers that are shiny greenish too my Australorp crosses have those. And my Barnevelder🐓 rooster, he even seems to have a kinda purple colour on parts of him in the sun shine sometimes.

@PippinTheChicken awesome he looks like a little Eskimo.
I gravitate towards the black breasted reds. I like that the roosters and hens look so much different. So they make a contrasting flock. To me, there is nothing much more eye appealing. Than a BBR rooster with dark, red wine colored hackle and saddle feathers. Contrasting against the green iridescent, black breast and tail. With deep mahogany wing bows. I also have a flock of Gold Double Laced Barnevelders. Which I think are very attractive birds. I also have a few Crele and Golden Duckwing running bantams around.
Blue wheaten or silver quail.
Blue wheaten because the males have brilliant orange feathers contrasting with the blue-grey while females are a lovely creamy yellow.
Silver quail because of the striking contrast between black and snowy white. The males are pretty and the females maybe even prettier. They look noble and refined. Ooh! Silver Mille Fleurs are pretty too.
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