What's Your Favorite Bator?

Loddie Da

13 Years
Jan 14, 2007
Troy, New York
What is your favorite incubator & why do you like it so much?

Brinsea, Brinsea, Brinsea. Hard plastic, not Styrofoam. Very easy to clean. Digital displays and controls. Nearly fool-proof; some models are STUPID-proof.

My first was a Mini Advance, holds 7 eggs. Automatic turner, digital day count down, spot on the temps. I had to monitor and adjust the humidity, which required a small hygrometer and adding warm water to the water reservoir. 6 out of 7 chicks hatched the very first time I used it (very first time I incubated anything). One chick drowned in the water reservoir, though, in the space of 20 minutes whilst I was making sure the brooder was ready for the chicks.

(I should have put marbles in the reservoir so it wasn't deep enough for a wobbly-headed little chick to drop its head into the water.)

Second incubator was the Mini Advance EX, which is the same but with a humidity pump. Much more expensive. Love it, too.

Then I got an Octagon 20 Advance EX, holds 24 eggs. Eggs in it right now, 2.5 weeks to go for a hatch.
Binsea all the way! I have a Mini Advance, its an idiot proof incubator
Now I need something bigger so I have ordered an Octogon Advance!
I loved my Brinsea Oct. 10 back when I had it.
(I agree it's hard to mess up a Brinsea hatch)

...I am just planning on getting back into the birds & am looking to buy a new bigger bator, which is my reason for asking.

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