What's Your Favorite Vacuum Cleaner?


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Apr 2, 2010
New Hampshire
Mine is pathetic. Needs to go. Planning to save for a new one, but I've had bad luck with vacuums in the past. It MUST be lightweight, but not megabucks. I don't care how much you love your Kirby, I can't afford one. So it's got to be reasonably priced. Years ago I had a Kenmore, which worked great, but it was the canister kind that you pull and that's no good here. I have a small house and I really need an upright. I've also had a Eureka upright, which was nice and lightweight, but otherwise pretty useless. Didn't pick up well and the belt constantly broke or came off. Right now I have an old used Kenmore upright, the kind that takes bags, and it doesn't work well, and I hate the bag concept anyway. I always ooh and ahh at the Oreck vacuum ads boasting that it's only 7 pounds, but they're EXPENSIVE. The Dyson ads are impressive too, but again, more than I can afford.

I only have two small rooms with carpet and a couple of area rugs, so I just can't justify spending a ton of money on a vacuum, nor can I afford it even if I wanted to, but I'm sick of crappy vacuums too. Is there any happy medium? Anyone have a vacuum that is an UPRIGHT, LIGHTWEIGHT, preferably bagless and works great that isn't a bazillion dollars???

Exact models and pics would be a real bonus!
I love my Roomba. Push a button and let it go. It parks back on the charge station when done. Cleans 2-3 rooms on one charge. Now they have one you can program to clean certain days of the week. Might ask for one for my birthday.

I think I have an upright of some sort, but I haven't seen it in a long time as I no longer vacuum.
Oreck. Have you checked Ebay? The great thing about Oreck is they have replacement parts. Do you have a store in your area? Sometimes they have refurbished ones. My first one is now around 12 years old and still works great. I did finally buy a new one, so I have an upstairs and downstairs vacuum cleaner. The little handheld vacuum that comes with the 'deal' is a godsend. I use it for the car, stairs, furniture. (Even the cat like it.)
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I had a Miehl upright and it worked well but I hated buying the expensive bags for it. Sometimes you can get generic bags at Target. I then bot a Dyson with the little round canister but I'm not crazy about it. I have to keep taking the head apart. It doesn't lose suction though and doesn't use bags so I got used to it.
I've never heard anything bad about Orecks, and I did just check their website and they have a "basic starter model" that isn't horribly expensive, but I gotta admit I hate the bag concept. I hate buying them, running out of them, wasting them as opposed to emptying a reusable container.... on the other hand I haven't seen a bagless style that does a great job either.

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