What's your favourite Chicken Blog or Site

I read mine, ChickenSquawk, but I think other than my family, I am the only one who does! I used to have a lot of followers but my posts got too sporadic and they lost interest. I have started it up again, but satellite internet may be the death of me! I just looked at yours, nice!
I enjoy following http://thewannabecountrygirl.com/cheese-pudding/

It's not all about chickens, but it is quite enjoyable and she is a fellow BYC'er. She has some wonderful recipes on there too!
I really enjoy www.feathersite.com as well as perusing www.greenfirefarm.org .

Since my favourite site on chickens disappeared without a trace, I have started a blog for my client base that instructs with brooding, health issues, and breeds- www.poultrypundit.blogspot.com . It's still new, but I interact with a lot of people seeking poultry advice for all kinds of issues, from flock integration, breeds, health, etc. I am hoping to get up all this as much as my schedule allows. Since I do a lot of public speaking engagements on poultry and the occasional radio program, it's helpful to have a resource to send people on to.
Thanks everyone!

I mostly read blogs about more than chickens, I'll be honest
they're all about homesteading or at least producing food at home...

Green Frieda
Homemade Serenity
Little City Farm
NorthWest Edible
Saving Homestead
The Pioneer Woman Blog

plus the ones I have RSS including Crunchy Chicken...
I love your blog wolf and finch! I had a chance this morning to visit and I can't wait to go back this afternoon and read more. I made it part of my blogroll!
the wanna be country girl - Caroline
I read your Chicken Squawk blog and found it delightful! I put it in my favorites so I can follow it from time to time.

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