whats your male to female hatch ratio for coturnix


10 Years
Mar 24, 2012
I have hatched 2 groups of quail eggs so far and have gotten a 5:3 (male:female) ratio each time.
I have 9 fertile eggs that are set to hatch soon..so what does everyone typical get? the breeder I got my originals from said he always has more males than females..and its kind of aggravating. i just had a male at 6 weeks old go on a terror spree and scalped 2 of his brothers..with NO hens in with him. needless to say that male is going to taste wonderful for dinner tonight.
Also has anyone seen the youtube video of the guy who claims he can tell the sex of an egg based on the FEEL of it? I tried this..I cannot feel any difference lol.

I hatched 7 on November 3rd and am hoping at this point that only 5 are roo's. 3 pharaoh's and 2 Italians i can tell by color. I heard a crow this morning and couldn't tell if it was from my Italian or the tux standing next to him. Always seems to go that way with my hatches.:)
I get more males than females generally. I hatched 27 eggs and 10ish were females. The next hatch I hatched 6, 5 lived to adulthood, and all were males but 1. Now my chicks are 3 females and 1 male (were not too sure on him/her yet).

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