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    Hey Guys!

    I am getting ready to start planting some type of hearty grass in the chicken pen so that it will grow up before the chicks get here. I will have about a quarter acre. I used to grow wheat grass in pots for my birds, but I was thinking about what would happen if I just spread the seeds in the pen, and mixed it with other grass seed.... Would it grow like grass? Could I mow it to keep it short and grassy?

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    How about a pasture mix? Or a wild bird mix? Variety is best, although it depending on your flock size, very little may actually grow for long. Shrubs and herbs are good too, and mint. Mary
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    They'll love that!!
    ...and it'll all be gone within a week or two, depending on size of pen and number/age of birds.

    Look into grazing frames, if your birds are confined and you want to provide them with live greens to nibble on:


    1/2" hardware cloth for grass-like leaved plants(sod and grains)
    1 x 2" fencing for larger leaved plants.
    When fresh planting seed I stack a second frame on top until roots are established or they pull the whole plant out.

    I like the one at the top best and am converting the others over.
    Ripped a half inch off the 2x4's and used it to cover mesh edges to avoid cut feet and subsequent infection (bumblefoot).


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    I had an idea almost identical to this! *great minds think alike* ;)

    I was going to use 2x4s or 1x2s, make frame, and considered putting come small casters on it to wheel it around easily. I was thinking about doing a big one- 4ft x 6 ft maybe? I figured the girls could walk on it, eat the grass, but not disturb the roots.

    At the moment, I do not have any hens. I ordered some chicks, but chose not to get them till June 1st, so i have time to install a good fence. The pasture I am planning will be half wooded, half grass. I will be rather upset if they do not venture into the wooded area and only eat the grass [​IMG] but i guess they will do what they want... the last group I had would not go into the woods. I was thinking, if I plant some wheat grass now, it will have a good 2-3 months to establish- but I am not sure if it is too cold to yet- Im in northern IN, and our temps are still 40s and close to freezing at night.

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