Wheaten Am X SLW Cross???

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    Hi everyone! So, I've been trying to hatch out some eggs from my girls for a couple months now, and only just got my first baby a week ago. I hadn't set up my breeding pens yet as I was just checking my boys' fertility, and my first baby is a lovely little EE (Wheaten Am roo X Blue Am hen). I set some more eggs two days ago. Some are from my Blue Am hens and some are from my SLW hens. I candled them tonight (my kids and I are candling every day to learn about chick development) and can already see development in all but one of the SLW X eggs!! Nothing concrete with the blue eggs yet, as they're a little more difficult to see through. I was wondering, though, if anyone had crossed a Wheaten Ameraucana roo with a Silver Laced Wyandotte hen and hoping I could see some pictures of what the resulting chicks would look like. I looked it up on the chicken calculator (if I'm right in thinking that Wyandottes are a partridge based pattern?) and it said there would be gold laced pullets and yellow/gold laced cockerels. Does anyone have evidence to back this up? And would the difference between the gold and yellow/gold be evident at hatch? Could I possibly identify the cockerels immediately? Anyone who has any experience with this cross, hopefully with pictures to help as I'm a visual learner, I would love to hear about your results! They're just fun little EEs I'm going to sell to friends, but I'm curious about what I'll end up with, and 19 days is a long time to wait and see! Thank you in advance for any advice or help you can give! Oh, and check back in- I'll be posting candling pics and chick pics once I have them. Maybe we can follow these babies all the way to maturity for reference for anyone else who decides to do this cross in the future!! In the meantime, here's some pictures of the parents:

    The SLW crosses will be from these two ladies, and the blue girl is the mama of my EE chick and some of the eggs currently incubating:

    Here's the daddy, Hugo. He won best of breed at last year's county poultry show. I'm very proud of him. And he's kind to his ladies [​IMG]

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