Wheaten Ameraucana X Heritage Barred Rock CROSS


10 Years
Feb 15, 2012
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Back Story:

So 6 years ago I bought some large fowl wheaten ameraucanas chicks from neighbors, they purchased their stock from John Blehm.

I also bought some heritage large fowl barred rocks that fall, I believe from Kraig Shafer at the Ohio Nationals.

While all were pinned together I had some Male Wheatens cross with Female Barreds. As well as some Male Barreds crossed over some Female Wheatens.

My friend still has several of the Barred Males X Wheaten Females. They are very beautiful well barred EEs.

I only have 1 remaining hen from the Wheaten Male X Barred Female cross (she is black sex linked) that has somehow lasted predators, chicken sells, and cullings. She is either 6 years old or will be 6 in the spring, I cant remember any more. She still lays 2-5 eggs a week during the summer months.

Late summer or early fall of this year she sat on 2 eggs we forgot to take from her. The eggs were fathered by a Blue Wheaten Bantam Ameraucana. So the cross is blue wheaten bantam ameraucana male X the black sexlink hen (wheaten LF ameraucana male x heritage LF barred rock hen).

The bantam rooster was taken by a predator this fall. The hen hatched both eggs one was a solid blue color (it escaped and was taken by predators), the other one survived. She turned out to be a wheaten ameraucana, smaller than the LF but much larger than the bantams.

Here's some pics of the wheaten offspring as well as the 6 year old black sex link :)
The ticking in her hackles were already in the genetics from back in 2012 this was not caused by the barred rock cross.
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