Wheaten Ameraucanas and Blue laced Red Wyandottes


9 Years
Aug 12, 2010
Make the 4Her or chicken enthusiast in your life really happy. Due to too many roosters I am forced to sell my gorgeous Standard Wheaten ameraucana roosters. They are approxmatly six months old.There parents recently took best in show at an APA show. My Daughter shows in 4H and FFA so they get attention daily. They are vaccinated Mereks disease. They are 25 dollars each. There are two of them.

Due to too many roosters I am forced to sell my beautiful Blue Laced Red wyandotte Roosters.These birds are from a breeder so they are excellent quality. They should mature to be quite large.My daughter is in 4H and FFA so they are handled daily and are very tame. They have also been vaccinated for Mereks disease.They are approxmately six months old. There are two. No meat buyers!Twenty dollars each. Pictures can also be found on the Grand Rapids MI craigslist because I cant import them on this computer.
Local pickup only.
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