Wheaten Marans Eggs for Sale ~ Oklahoma

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    Feb 12, 2008
    Tuttle, Oklahoma
    I only have 5 wheaten marans hens and 2 roosters and egg production has been good but the eggs are getting a little lighter .. still very dark though. A couple of my hens do not have feathered legs, but the rest of the birds are feather legged.

    Eggs are $3 each and I include extras. Shipping is approximately $12 for a box of eggs (price increases with weight).


    I also have non-feather legged golden salmon marans. They have more black on them than most peoples golden salmon marans, but are beautiful birds. Egg color is not quite as dark as the wheaten. $2 each on their eggs.


    Here's a pic of their eggs ... wheaten on the left, golden salmon on the right.


    I also have turkey, guinea and other chicken eggs available:



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