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  1. berkeleysprings

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    wheaten marans and blue wheaten marans
    if you keep them caged together will they produce pure off spring... pure wheaten mixed in with pure blue wheaten ?
    also with a blue wheaten roo and a blue wheaten hen , will they produce blue wheaten chicks ? or a mix of blue/ wheaten
  2. Solsken Farm

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    Yes, you will get wheaten or blue wheaten or splash wheaten

    Oh the ratios are different depending on whether you pair a blue wheaten with a wheaten, a wheaten with a wheaten or a blue wheaten with a blue wheaten. I forget what those ratios are but someone else will come on and let you know I am sure.
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    Jan 27, 2009
    Palmetto GA
    blue wheten+wheten=50%blue wheten and50%wheten blue wheten+blue wheten=50%blue wheten25%wheten25%splash wheten splash wheten+splash wheten=100%splash wheten wheten+splash wheten=100%blue wheten
  4. berkeleysprings

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    thanks for the help ,,,,,,

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