Wheaten Marans rooster?


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Aug 21, 2010
Scio, OR
A local lady is selling these guys, the first pic is adult Wheaten Marans roo and the second *that* roo over a cuckoo Marans hen and the second pic is the result of that.



First pic "may" be a Birchin Marans.. NOT Wheaten.

2nd pic... could either be a black sex linked roo, or another mix of a Cuckoo Marans.

Here is a pic of my 9 week old Wheaten Marans roo.

Thanks!! I was wondering about that. The lady told me he was a Wheaten (first pic) and the cuckoo colored one was that Wheaten on a Cuckoo hen (you can see the mom in the second photo)

OK, as a Birchen, thoughts?
The first isn't even a Birchen.

Looks like the person is crossing Cuckoo with Wheaten, thus introducing silver into the Wheaten coloration. The top bird is a "golden" Wheaten, much like golden duckwings.

Its not even a recognized color or breeders' attempts at producing a recognized color? I'm a bit confused now. You call it a silver duck wing wheaten Marans or what would you call it????
No, it's a "golden" Wheaten, similar in color to golden duckwing.
It is basically a Wheaten with both silver and gold genes.
Sooooo.....is that undesirable/desirable, up in the air?

Is it even a good example?

Oh, forgot to ask since these color genetics are crazy for me at this point in time.

So he's a golden wheaten meaning he carries both the silver and gold genes. How did that come about? What were his parents' colors to come up with this? Is this a desirable color? He looks a bit light to me in the body but I am new at this.
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No, it isn't desirable, as he's an unrecognized color and also he has barring in him. As I look more and more at the photo, BOTH males have cuckoo patterning, so both are just color crosses. He isn't exactly light in the body, just young.

His parents were Wheaten x Cuckoo, then back to Wheaten again.

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