Wheaten Marans?


5 Years
Apr 15, 2014
Hello I bought these two as chicks from a local chicken breeder. I was told they are pure bred Wheaten Marans from the Bev Davis lines. They appear to be mix breeds or something other than Wheatens as their coloring isn't right for a wheaten (from what I can find online). About 2 months old.
Also are they roosters?

Thank you!


They're both roosters, for sure. Can't help you with the colors so much, sorry. If you don't get much response here you can find the Marans thread in the Breeds, Genetics and Showing section and ask those folks......I'd also be sending the seller a pic and see what their response is. If they were sold as pullets, the seller needs to make it right. They should still refund your money for the wrong or mixed breed. My guess is there were black copper Marans in the mix.......
Thanks. The breeder did say they were pullets and would replace if they turned out to be roosters. He was very convincing that they were pure Wheaten Marans. I am definitely going to send the photos to him in an email and see what he says. I'll post on the Marans thread like you have suggested.

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