Wheel of Fortune called me for an Audition

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    This spring, the "Wheel-Mobile" came thru our neck of the woods. I can't remember how many thousands of ppl went to hopefully get their names drawn from a hat and play a mock-round. I went with my mom, she told me that she watned to go but turned out she wanted ME to go, and I got drawn. They told us that if they liked our improv-audition that day then in the fall they would recall the ones they liked for a more intensive audition. I got the email a couple of weeks ago. So, I went to the 3-step audition yesterday. Made it thru the first 2 steps, had a lot of fun. There were over 60 called back and they kept only 15 for the final step. It was a blast! We played little mini-rounds of Wheel so they could see how we called letters and projected personality, and then they gave us a sheet with 15 partially solved puzzles on it and we had to finish them. I only got half....I got the sheet with Proper Names and blanked. BUT, it was a great, once in a lifetime experience, and I was on the news!
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    Aug 10, 2007
    Fun! Good for you!
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    That's pretty cool! [​IMG]
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    Sep 14, 2008
    palestine texas
    Sounds like fun!
  5. BayouPoules

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    That is way cool! I've been watching WOF for a long time,..

    We're so glad you had such a nice time![​IMG]
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    Good luck getting on; maybe they'll call you later. We watch it almost every night M-F.
    My wife is better at WOF than what I am. Sure wish she could get on, especially if she'd spend the money on me.
    ETA Have you noticed that all the contestants say that they have wonderful and handsome/beautiful spouses and perfect children. I think they all must come from Lake Woebegone.
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    How exciting!!! [​IMG]
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    Land of Lincoln
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    Congrats! I know how exciting that must have been. I was an extra in in two movies filmed in New Orleans and it wass a BLAST![​IMG]
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    Cool beans, Sparky!
    Sounds like fun.
    Is there still a chance you'll get called for the actual show?

    I remember when WoF first came out and they had to spend the $ on all those funky prizes. Someone always got stuck with some goofy-looking statue or tacky yard art. Our family always tried to predict who would get stuck with the lame item on the stage.

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