Wheels for Boughton-style chicken tractor/ark . . .


14 Years
Jul 12, 2008
Hi all!

Does anyone have any great information and/or diagrams on how to put wheels on an A-frame ark? My husband and my dad built some GORGEOUS arks, which we first intended to move with two people (one on each end) but now we need to be able to do it with one, so we need to put on wheels.

I'm wondering if anyone has done this successfully OR just has any great ideas about how to do it. I've looked at a lot of pictures of wheels on chicken tractors, but am needing some particular specifications:

-The wheels need to be up, out of the way, when the chickens are ranging downstairs, so the wheels need to swing or pivot or slide . . .

-The wheels need to go on an A-frame design, so that makes things a bit more tricky . . .

Any suggestions? Links? Pix?

Here's our ark (with the side off):
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Those are gorgeous!
I'm not sure what you could use that would swing out of the way, but here's a bump!
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Thanks! These men of mine can do wonders with a table saw! I'm really pleased with how they turned out! Thanks for noticing!
Mine is not an A frame but you might be able to get my way to work. I used to long arms that pivoted low at one end and when lifted up it hit stops. When you picked up one end the wheel was forced onto the ground and you roll it like a wheelbarrel.



Just have to say that this is an awesome idea!
Very creative. I have been mulling over the same question & this is a brilliant solution, IMO.

Cindy in FL- still chickless but closer to settling on an ark type design & then...chicklets!!
Replying via black berry so don't laugh. I posted a thread early on the 20th titled tractor wheels. I attached a set of wheels to one end of an a framed tractor. Been on the tractor for one week now working great.

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