Wheels on the catawba ark? And other ark q's...

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    Apr 6, 2012
    Has anyone done this? Their FAQ says "Wheels are outside the scope of this plan. I have an idea for wheels, but it would require the services of a welder to create the frame." I'm wondering about extending the bottom long boards, cutting at an angle, and attaching wheels. Anyone see a reason that wouldn't work? My other thought was some sort of retractable wheel on a lever, but that seems more complicated.

    Also, I need to be able to house 7 chickens... I've read some complaints that the catawba is very heavy-- I'll need to extend it 2-3 feet to fit 7 chickens comfortably (right? I'm planning to only have nest boxes on one end to extend the roost already). Will wheels make it manageable or should I be looking at a different design or lighter materials?

    I'm feeling paralyzed by all the choices, and really want to have a nice coop for this first (and hopefully only) try. But my growing babies in the basement are pushing me toward decisions and this is "go" day. Agh!!

    ETA: I have 2 each of these breeds: speckled sussex, buff orp, welsummer, and delaware. At least one is looking to be a roo, and we can't keep those, so that's why I'm thinking 7 :) We're raising them for eggs.
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