Wheezing and coughing golden comet

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    I recently purchased 2 golden comets that are around 20-22 weeks of age . They were in a flock with about 50 others . When I got them home I noticed that one of the girls sounded congested. Shakes her head and makes a wheezing sound . I have read several other post about this containing the same thing with other birds . She is in my flock with the one I got her with and 8 others that I had already . Have not noticed any symptoms in any of the other birds. I read on a previous post that a good treatment for her would b duramycin-10 . My question is should I mix this in just her water or in the others water as well . I don't want the others drinking it if its not needed but hate to just separate her since she is new to flock .
  2. Did you quarantine these birds before adding them to your flock ? You should ALWAYS quarantine new birds for atleast 2-4 weeks, longer is better, I quarantine for 2 months. That way, I am not bringing a disease into my existing flock, can asses the health of the new birds, this includes day old chicks, ANY new birds.

    If not, you might have to treat your whole flock. There is some great info on the thread "not an emergency, marek;s in the flock" and addresses MANY diseases, not just mareks, as birds with mareks come down with lots of secondary diseases. I would HIGHLY recommend reading the thread and if you do decide to, start at the end, as that is the newest posts.

    Sorry I can't help, but there are many professionals on that thread, people that are currently fighting diseases in their flocks, researchers and a TON of info and great people willing to help. Just type it in, in the top search box and it will come up.

    Best of luck and hope all goes well!
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