"Wheezing" gosling after bath time


May 20, 2015
Okay, so I have a gosling that we bought at the end of April and I'm not quite sure how old they are, but (I'm going to call it a she for easiness ) but for some reason after bathing her (letting her swim in Luke warm water in out bathtub) she does this thing where she stretches out her neck and wings and makes a sort of wheezing noise, almost like she's got something in her throat and she's trying to get it out. She almost looks like she's heaving.

But it only happens after after gets in the water. Otherwise she's 100 percent fine. And I would think that maybe this is a common thing (we've never had geese or ducks - well my parents have, but that was quite a few years ago) except for the fact that our other gosling doesn't do this at all.

She seems to be eating fine and drinking fine. I believe their waterer is fairly deep. I have the geese in with ducks too, and they're in a large stock tank with a heat lamp. The goose itself looks like its tail feathers are growing in. It's also a white gosling with an orange beak. When we got them, they were in an 'assorted geese' tub.

Any help would be very much appreciated. My little brother loves this goose like no other and is quite attached.
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