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    May 1, 2009
    Hi there,
    So I call this coop the whelping den makeover because 6 months ago thats exactly what it was, a whelping den for my pregnant German Shepherd. She's so spoiled, no cardboard box would ever be sufficient.

    So for the last couple months this thing has been sitting, honestly hoping to never be needed again [​IMG] when I was relaxing at my desk and must have fallen asleep because the next thing I knew I was rolled over, upside down in my chair staring at the coop design page. Holy Bantams I thought, that coop looks just like my whelping den. Seriously though, the whelping den was 4'x4'x4' with the bottom 2' covered in 3/4" plywood and the top 2' constructed of heavy duty aluminum screen. It kept my girl secure while providing ample airflow.

    I stopped by the hardware store and grabbed a load of 2x2's and headed home. The thing was originally built to be completely modular so I dissasembled and reassembled in my desired location. Removed a few uneeded items, turned it upside down and grabbed a beer because I felt so accomplished already.

    I split it in half by adding the floor and creating a 2' high run underneath and a 2' roost above. Several designs in the gallery that I really like but for my location and interest in efficient design I decided to add a soapbox roof so I built the wall to increase the front height by aprx 12" to slope from 36" in the front to 24" in the rear. I cut and mitered the ceiling joists to the appropriate angles to create 6" overhangs and a level facia.

    So then it was getting dark and I retired for the night leaving it now as I described. I'm invisioning a hinged roof for easy access, widows front and rear for a nice sw breese and soffit for ventilation as well as adding a larger run to the back although I hope to let them free-range in the pasture during the day. Exterior accessable nesting boxes will also be added, likey to the west or left wall. Near or befoe fall I will begin to implement passive solar heating methods as well as adding 1.5" of styrofoam insulation and wall covering 360 degrees. The winters here in Arkansas aren't normally too bad but the insulation will help obtain the completely passive solar design I'm looking for. I'll be using this as a prototype for solar and tromb walls as well as solar radiant floor.

    Thanks to the original whelping den and screened porch projects I have a total of $17 invested so far, the summer requirements will easily come in under $50. Enough with the talk, how about some eye candy?

    Heres the now front that was originally the rear of the whelping den, upside down of course.

    A SW Isometric

    The Left or West side

    The rear which was originally the front of the den. The hinged door was already in place and a screened fram exists for the bottom which will be reattached and hinged for the larger run access.

    Added 2x2's along the outside wall as well as 2 joists 16" o.c. for the floor support under the plywood.

    a closeup of the miter on the roof
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    Apr 9, 2009
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    nice! this looks exactly like what i am building next weekend [​IMG]
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    Jul 26, 2008
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    looks great [​IMG]

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