When are chicks ready to go outside?

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    Hi all, We are new at Chickens. Our chickens are 6 weeks old and we still have them inside. When are they ready for the outside coop? We live in the Philadelphia area and currently our weather is ranging from 45 degrees to 70 degrees (yes it can be that drastic) depending on the day. They have grown so big! We are very attached and actually dreading putting them outside. We have made a predator proof coop with an attached run. So....how old should they be to go outside? Thank you!
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    We are in the same situation, except our new coop isn't done yet :( 6 week old RIR's. it's been so rainy we are behind schedule - ours are in garage living in a large livestock water tank -
    We have set "move in day" as June 11th... If all goes well with finishing the coop and run.
    I will be anxious to see what suggestions you get... !
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    They are ready to go out at 6 weeks without worries. I assume you've got them off heat inside now. If not you should, no reason for added heat at this age. If for some reason they still have added heat above ambient temp turn it off and allow them to acclimate a few days without it then put them outside.

    I'm well north of you. Our 10 day forecast changes daily. As it stands now the coldest day in next 10 is this Monday with 46 F for high and low of 33 F Tues. after that it's smooth sailing. I've a batch of chicks that will be 3 weeks next weekend and will be going outside.

    The forecast shows normal temps for this time of year when my 3 week old birds will be outside. High 60's to low 70's for highs and mid 40's to 50's for lows. No worries and your birds are twice as old and feathered.
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    At about 5 weeks or so they should be fully feathered.

    Once they are fully feathered they are ready for the rigors of living out doors. This spring I started my replacement flock, they have been outside for going on 2 weeks now, they are about 6 weeks old.


    Each morning they greet me when I go out and do my morning chores before I begin my day.


    Since the yard is fenced, the run is open and they roam the yard all day foraging.

    You'll need to round them up each night and put them in the coop, but after a short while they will catch on and start putting themselves to bed.
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