When are old english game bantam hens ready to start laying ?


7 Years
Sep 16, 2012
I think she is one year or older got her in summer in may stopped laying eggs in august got three eggs spaced out instead of her usual every three days any body know when they start laying age and on how they are Also there were so many factors that were making her stop laying eggs such in summer it was to hot and she had diarrhea and after I got her a very cozy nesting box my cousin throw the only two eggs i had at her and the rooster dang i am so mad but i cant do anything cant scold my cousin he dont have any sense and I cant punish the hen it will make things worse so now its cold and she eats her eggs and wont nest in the boxes the three i mentioned were scattered about and in the open and a three weeks ago i found egg in her face and some shell remains just another cruel reminder of how i an never going to get them chicks I envy when i here or read other peoples hens going broody and burns my throat when i here that they have a problem with there hens going broody shoot even the types of egg laying hens that dont usually go broody, go broody
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