When can chicks stay in the coop...and any guesses on breed?


6 Years
Mar 19, 2013
I have six chicks that are 6 weeks old and four that are 4 weeks old. I have been putting them all out in the coop during the day for the last week (temps have been between 60-80). Once the sun starts going down I bring them back into the garage into the brooder. Our nightly lows this week will be falling into the high 20's, so I will keep them all in the garage at night. I don't want to use a heating lamp in the coop because I would have to use an extension cord which I hear is a big fire hazard. They are quickly outgrowing the brooder and love the space in the coop. What should the nightly lows be at for them to stay in the coop with no heating lamp?

Also, does anyone have any idea what kind of chick this is? I posted in the chicken breed forum but got no answers. I bought 4 Buff Orpingtons and they all looked the same when I brought them home. 3 are just what I purchased but this little one is not a BO! Any ideas? It has slate legs, white feathers and grayish skin.



6 Years
Mar 24, 2013
im sorry i dont know what the breed is but i put my chicks in the coop in about 6 to 7 weeks old. ( i mainly put the chicks in the coop cause it was getting super cramped.)i hope this helps a bit.


7 Years
Nov 12, 2012
From Southwestern, PA.
Not positive on the breed but it does look exactly like one of my Easter Eggers. From the picture it even looks like it has that "tuft" of fuzzy feathers on the sides of its head. For the question of when to go to the coop, I would say 6 to 8 weeks, weather permitting.

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