When Can I Give Treats ?

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  1. my 25 chicks are almost 2 weeks old and i'm trying to find out at what age can i start giving them treats. when i visit the brooder, they always seem to be happy to see me, but i never have anything fun to give them and it bums us all out (the chicks and myself). i figure they have to be getting bored with the chick feed, but i've heard they should eat the chick feed exclusively till they are 4 weeks old and then you can start giving them other stuff. is that the case?
    also... i am under the impression that i need to give them grit when i incorporate other foods so they can digest it better. i read someones post on here that they give them sand and it works the same as grit. is that right? cuz i have plenty of sand on hand. i think they are already trying to get grit cuz they are pecking alot at the cement block wall in the coop. either that or they are trying to pull a "prison break" on me.
    thanx for the advice.
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    Apr 13, 2010
    We gave our babies treats when they were 1 week old. Not a lot, but they love grapes! [​IMG] I also gave them yogurt and hardboiled eggs. [​IMG] They are now 11 weeks old and eat anything we bring out. However, grapes are still the winner hands down. Just make sure you cut them up really small so they can eat them. Yes, they need grit if you are going to feed treats. Either buy some chick grit or give them some sand to pick through. [​IMG] They will probably dust bath in the sand if you have in in a pan or dish that they can get into. [​IMG] Remember, treats are just that, treats. Everything in moderation because you want them to eat healthy to stay healthy. [​IMG]

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