when can I introduce silkie chicks to the silkie flock

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    Feb 4, 2018
    so I have a silkie mom with 2 chicks, today the mom layed an egg, so I'm thinking because where she is now with her chicks are no nesting box so she lays on the floor, could I maybe move her to my flock now where she would be able to go in to a nesting box?

    her chicks are 6-7 weeks old and my silkie flock is not big, there 1 rooster and 2 other silkie hens, the rooster has met chicks before and he just was incredible, he behave like he was raiseing the up with the hen, so I know he won't be a problem :love

    but I don't know about the other 2 silkie hen tho, the chicks would of cause have there mom to protect them so do you think this be okey to introduce 6 weeks old chicks to the flock?
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    They won't have mum's protection for much longer if she started laying again already.

    My Silkie ladies have integrated their chicks even with my large fowl flock from day ONE. When the broody's have their hormones raging no one wants to mess with them.

    At 6 weeks might even be a little harder than at 1 week, when chicks are staying much closer to mom and she is MUCH more protective... but it should be fine. I stay around to supervise the first day or so usually. Maybe in the future sooner is better.

    Plus she needs to have time to teach them where they should go in the evening, to avoid the possible bullies, maybe how to get up a ramp... untaught birds are less desirable for ME as a keeper, I wan't them all to know how to make it to roost without my assistance.

    Babes may be left alone while she goes into the lay box... usually the case here. I don't know HOW they communicate, "OK you stay here and I'll be back in a bit"... but they do. :confused:

    And quite oddly... smaller flock antics are *sometimes* much worse than larger flocks.

    I'd say go for it! ;)

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