When can I mix the chicks?

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    Good morning collective wisdom :)

    My chicks are growing up & I wondered when I can mix them with the rest of the adults & feed them layers pellets?

    Custard Cream & Liqourice Allsort, my 2 little females, are 12 weeks now, & Peppermint Humbug, my roo, is 15 weeks. They are currently in a separate mini run & eat growers pellets, as I know layers can be detrimental for babies (kidneys, growth anomalies, etc).

    I want to get them in the main big house & give them more space ASAP, but don't want want to put them in harm's way. We have started integrating them (letting them out into the orchard together in the daytime), so hopefully it won't be too traumatic a transition!

    Thanks so much everyone!

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    I, personally, would wait a bit longer. You can add them to the rest of the flock when they are fairly close to the same size as the rest of the flock. If they are close in size now, add them. As for the layer feed, you'll definitely want to hold off on that until they are closer to pol. You can always put them all on the same feed (adults included) and offer oyster shell as free choice so your layers still get the added calcium they need to lay.
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    18 weeks is the minium age according to the back of the feed sack. It *probably* wouldn't hurt the 15 week olds but I'm a cheap tightwad and I wouldn't feed them expensive layer before it was necessary. If I even feed my chickens layer, which I don't. Because I'm a cheap tightwad.
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