When can my baby chicks go in coop??

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by arwebb8419, Oct 4, 2016.

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    Oct 4, 2016
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    Hey! I'm a first time chicken owner! I have 7 Leghorns that are 3.5 weeks old. I have been putting them out in their coop during the day and then bringing them back inside to their brooder at night. The temps here are around 80ish during the day and drop to around 55-60ish at night. When can I leave them in their coop all day and night? They love being outside!! I hate having to bring them in at night but I'm worried they will be too cold?? Any tips would be greatly appreciated!!

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    I assume there is no electric in the coop. If there was, they could stay out there now. Another week or two should be good - especially if they have a nice dry bedding they can hunker down in clustered. They're really much hardier than people give them credit for.
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    I have a white leghorn and I live in Michigan and she does great in the winter
  4. Your Chicks will be fine....I am sure they are feathered pretty good...They will cuddle up on the floor together at night...Provide shavings or straw and they will be great...

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    I put mine out at about 4 weeks and they did fine. Just make sure it is predator proof at that age they are a tasty snack for lots of critters. Also you will have to put them in at night yourself. It took my chicks a couple weeks to get the hang of going in on their own. Infact one night we got home real late and it was raining. I was telling my husband Im not too worried, they would go in if it was rainy right, there not that dense. Well I was wrong they decided to huddle by the door soaking wet. Silly little birdies.

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