When can my chicks go outside?


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Mar 2, 2015
East Texas
I've got a dozen 3 week old chicks in my laundry room. I have a heat lamp that keeps their cage at a minimum of 70
When can my chicks head out to their permanent home? It's a luxurious 9x11 coop and run combo built from pallets!

Weather here in East Texas for the next 10 days

Mon 68/46
Tues 71/49
Wed 59/35
Thurs 58/33
Fri 56/35
Sat 61/43
Sun 66/53
Mon 71/58
Tues 71/58
Wed 69/54
Thurs 64/51
Fri 63/49 Merry Christmas!
Sat 60/47
Sun 60/47
Mon 61/48



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Feb 2, 2009
Southeast Louisiana
I’d wrap the bottom of that coop with something to keep the breezes out but leave the top part open for ventilation. During that week as much as you can take them outside so they get a bit more accustomed to slightly cooler temperatures. Then after they are four weeks old I’d put them out in those temperatures unless it is wet and rainy. If it is wet and rainy wait a few more days. With 12 of them they will huddle in a corner at night and keep each other warm. They should be fine.

Or if you can put a heat source out there you can move them today. Just wrap the bottom to stop breezes.

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