when can they eat regular food

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by nancylee, Jan 25, 2010.

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    Hello everyone
    I have a banty chick, born first week of November. Just wondering if I should take her of the chick feed, and give her regular feed. Also do I give her any grit with regular chicken feed?
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    You can continue to feed the chick starter all the way through until its time to switch to layer feed, or you can switch to Flock Raiser at around 8 weeks. Neither choice is wrong - its just a matter of personal preference/what you have available/ages of other chickens who will be eating from the same feeder. I offer mine free choice grit all the time so they can take it if they feel they need it, however my understanding is that if ALL you are feeding is a commercially prepared feed, then they won't need the grit. If you offer any kitchen scraps or the chick has access to natural foods (grass/bugs etc.) outside, then grit should be offered.
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    Many feed chick starter up to 18 weeks old then switch to layer. Some switch to grower after 8 weeks and then feed that till 18 to 20 weeks then do layer. Thing is they need layer when they start laying not before so starting them between 18 and 20 weeks on it is OK.

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