When can we put our young quail outside?


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Jul 6, 2016
BC, Canada
Hello! Our babies are nearly 3 weeks old and seem to have most of their feathers (some on the backs of their heads and the very middle of their chests are finishing coming in). They've been in a terrarium brooder in our house. It's been really warm so we've had their light/heat off during the day and only on at night but only shining beside one end of the terrarium so it wasn't giving them much heat. We just put them in their coop today outside and are wondering if we should put them back inside in their terrarium today, or if we could put them in the "nesting box" end of their coop and close them in for the night... It's got deep wood chips and a hay "nest." The temperatures this week are high 29, low 13 (but usually more like 14-17).


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Sep 4, 2013
Lower Alabama
Oh. If that's the case they would probably be fine with their nesting box and bedding. I keep the light on mine till they are fully feathered, but they brood in wire bottom cages that tend to be drafty & chilly.
Use your own judgement. If they pile up on top of each other and cheep they are too cold. If they snuggle close together or spread out a bit they are just right.

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