When can you tell a Black Sex-Link male from a Barred Rock?

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    Sep 20, 2015
    I got my first batch of chicks from Atwoods a week ago and we chose a mix of breeds. All are unsexed- 3 Buff Orpingtons, 2 Anconas, 4 Black Sex-Links, and 14 of what I thought was Barred Rock... Barred Rocks were my first choice of chicken but my kids were with me and fell in love with the other breeds. Well, the store worker that was helping us walked us over to the group of Black Sex-Links and says, "Oh, we have some Barred Rocks in here too." Now, the sign only said "Black Sex-Link" and they didn't have any labeled Barred Rocks in any other cages... I was so happy that they had the breed that I had wanted that I got 14 of them. Then I got home and researched the other breeds only to find out that the Barred Rock and the Black Sex-Link MALES look the exact same as chicks!! So, did I just buy 14 roosters?!??! [​IMG]

    My question is: At what age will I know if I have Black Sex-Links or Barred Rocks??? We may have more meat in our future than eggs. [​IMG]

    Black Sex Links

    Barred Rocks

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