When did commercial layers start laying an egg "every 12 or 16 hours," hmmm?


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Svetlana Simon, chicken expert, claims that commercial chickens lay an egg every 12 or 16 hours. True? Surely not. Anyone know for sure?

Oh, yeah, this is the Neiman Marcus Fantasy Hen House that costs around $100,000. Hopefully it comes with a full-time maid to clean all the dust, "etc.," off the furniture and chandeliers.
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No breed lays 12 to 16 an hour. Google her, she knows better. The catalog says that she will choose 4 to 10 heritage breeds that she recommends depending on where you live. Anyone that can afford $100,000 for a coop has someone on their staff that they can make responsible for cleaning the coop. I would be interested in knowing how many of these coops they actually sell. You would think for the money it would have AC and heat.
I think the whole idea is ridiculous.
It is quite disturbing that anyone would wast that amount of money on a chicken house. That money would be better spent on helping other people, or animals.
ridiculous!!!!!!!!!! Think how many homes that might save when they only have a small mortgage. That would be criminal to spend that much. That kind of thinking of my house is the biggest or best etc. is one thing that is wrong with our civilization. SAD. Gloria Jean
Holy crap, that's almost half of what I paid for MY house!
And I'd move my chickens right into my house before dropping a chunk of change like that on a glorified coop that they're just going to crap all over.

All I can say about the commercial layer claim is PROVE IT.
Um. Um. Um. In her defence since she's not here to defend herself ... that $100,000 does include 3 separate consultations to help the new chicken owners learn how to be chicken keepers. For the ultra rich, this may be just about the easiest way to introduce them to the wonders of chicken keeping ... you know, by ordering a whole set up out of a NM catalog. Once they've had chickens for a while, they'll likely figure out a more practical system.
Plus $3000 is going to ALBC, which some would consider a charity.

I don't know, though, really. It's kind of beyond my area of expertise ... having that much money to take care of. I'm not ultra rich, but I do have some chickens that I think are pretty great (just like just about all chicken owners).

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