When do Brahma's typically lay? Finally laid today! Picture pg 2.


8 Years
Mar 28, 2011
I have a 25-26 week old dark brahma that is not laying. Her wattles came in nice and red a month ago. Her comb is still small, but it is getting red. She started becoming very noisy about a week ago. She is not squatting yet, but she also is the top hen of the flock. She is a fabulous top hen by the way. My brahma does not pick on the others like my cranky RIR.

When do Brahma's typically lay? This is my 8 year old's favorite bird and she is very anxious for her chicken to lay.
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Yay, she SQUATTED today!
Hatchery quality or breeder/show quality? The reason I ask...

All my LF brahmas are HQ. I don't mind HQ at all because all I am interested in is pretty backyard chickens. I don't care a bit about APA standards or showing. My light brahmas are the least like BQ birds and most of them started laying in the 19 to 24 week range. My buffs weren't much later. Different story with my darks. The majority of the dark hens and my late dark brahma roo were very close if not smack dab on for BQ. They were very late to start laying 30 weeks or so and two of the dark hens didn't start laying until they were 9 1/2 months old!

It was worth the wait though because my brahmas have laid well all through our winters and don't slow down much in our very hot summers.
Look! I caught her in the nest!


Here she is outside. These photos were taken from my iPod, so poor quality.


Cookie is a hatchery quality girl. All my chicks came from different hatcheries.
Thanks for the thread, most helpful.

Our Brahmas are at 20 wks and the BOs at 18.

I need to figure out a nest box arrangement today.

Good luck Dave. We still don't have an egg from her, but it should come in the next day or two. She is in and out the nest all day.

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