When do cochin cockerels start crowing

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    Apr 29, 2013
    We have a partridge cochin that I'm convinced is a boy. The name went from Olivia, to Olive, to Oliver. Oliver is 9 weeks old. My mother said she heard a crow like sound. Oliver is the only cockerel out of an EE and cochin pullet. There's also 5 leghorns that almost all are laying. I doubt Oliver attempted to crow since cochins mature slow. When can I expect Oliver to start crowing?
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    I've never had the big Cochins, so I don't know about them. However, I have had bantam Cochins for a long time. I have had birds that I wasn't sure whether they were male or female until they were close to 5 months old. On the other hand, I have had Cochin chicks that were just a week or so old crowing in the brooder, too. [​IMG]

    (Fuzzy little chicks trying to crow is one of the silliest things you'll ever hear. It's a sort of giggly little squeak!)
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