When do cockerels grow spurs?

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by Chickadee-23, Nov 29, 2013.

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    Jul 29, 2013
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    I have a 5 and half month old buff orp cockerel, and he hasn't grow any spurs or lil bumbs on his leg, i know hes a roo cause crows & has the rooster tail, I was told they get them at 6 months, but in 2 weeks he will be 6 months shouldn't he have bumbs or any sign of his spurs growing? Or is it possible hes not goin ti get them? Thanks
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    If he doesn't grow spurs it would be the first time that I know of it happening. A 12 month old roo of normal or standard size should have spurs at least 3/4 of an inch long, some more some less. Give him time, a roo's spurs grows as slow or slower than fingernails.
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    Some wait until a year or so. That's why spurs or lack of them aren't good indicators for sexing birds.
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    Oct 9, 2013
    I'm pretty sure this is a cockerel, but just wondered if someone could verify for me. He was hatched on August 13th--dad is our Speckled Sussex, Arthur, and we think the mom may have been our Copper Maran, who is now deceased. [​IMG] This is the first time we've ever had our own chicks hatched by our hens. We only have the one rooster--King Arthur--and would like to keep this guy, who we've named Lancelot--if he is a cockerel. Arthur doesn't seem to mind him as long as he is about four roosts down from him and he isn't sitting next to any of his women. Does he look like he is a cockerel?
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    yepp, looks like a cockerel to me
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    Scottie, that’s an interesting one. At 14 weeks it should be clear but I’m not totally sure. The comb and wattles sure look roosterish to me, but the tail and body shape say pullet. The legs are not especially heavy or thick which again indicated pullet. I could not see any pointy saddle or hackle feathers which should be coming in about now if it is a male but my monitor and eyes are neither as good as they could be. My guess is that it is a pullet but I’m certainly not sure on that one.

    Chickadee, I raise a barnyard mix of chickens for meat and process a lot of males and females anywhere from 16 weeks on in age. I use the feet in my broth. To get them clean, I scald the feet, twist the toenails off and peel the skin off. I have yet to find any chicken, male or female, that doesn’t have at least a spur bump. On some of the pullets or grown hens it is really tiny and you have to look for it though on most it is obvious. Males the same age can have a wide variety in spur development but at 5-1/2 month sit’s always been obvious on mine if you pick up the cockerel and look. Some mature roosters a few years old have spurs that stick basically straight out, respectable length but not huge. Some have spurs that grow so fast and large that they curl around and can make it hard for the rooster to walk. There is no standard chart where if you measure a rooster’s spurs you can tell how old it is. Like practically everything else to do with chickens, it varies with the individual.

    I’ll bet if you catch that chicken and look and feel real close you’ll find something. It may not be much but something should be there. But I’ve seen such a wide variety in spur development in males and females that I do not even consider spur development in sexing chickens.
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    I agree ,
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    I agree 3. Looks like a pullet from were I am standing.
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