When do cuckoo maran start laying?? My girls are 27-28wks old

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  1. I am waiting for the dark brown eggs. I got 4 of these girls April 23th, they were a few days to a week old at the time I got them. So now its 10/31/2016 so I guestimate they are 27-28wks old. But I have yet to see any dark brown eggs.

    I also have 8 sexlink hens. 4 were hatched March 2015 and 4 March of 2016. All these girls are laying. And all 12 girls live together now, but originally they were separated by fencing due to age difference and until they could all get along together.

    So am I missing something? Why are my girls not laying?
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    The Marans that I had started at about 7 months. They weren't particularly good layers and would quit quite often for weeks at a time.

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