When do geese start laying?


8 Years
Mar 11, 2011
Tellico Plains, TN
Some geese was given to me last May. One adult African gander, one adult buff Pomeranian saddleback goose, their year old offspring, and two, three week old goslings. I know the two older females should lay this year, but people are already getting eggs from their geese and I was wondering when mine should start laying . I am planning on raising some goslings. Any info will be helpful!
They're seasonal layers for the most part and the day length is what signals them to start laying. Day length is increasing every where now so it's up to the individual geese now. Ours tend to start laying anywhere between late February and mid-March.
Our yearling sebbies are starting to think about it, Love has been in the air, and three nests are built here. It's probably very early for NY, but it has been a very mild winter thus far. No eggs yet from them, but the signs are there. The older embdens aren't showing any signs yet. They must be more experienced and aren't going to let mother nature fool them! =D

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