When do Light Sussex Chickens start laying?

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    Hello, I'm getting a Light Sussex chicken soon she will be 1 month and a half old, but we are wondering when she would start laying, because we want her to start laying before the winter ( We live in Canada) is it ok if she starts laying during the winter or does she have to start before winter. Are Astraulorps good laying and winter hardy chickens?
    Thank you Sorya C
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    Hi. I am very new to chickens, but from the info I have found, Sussex tend to be late layers. Average age seemed to be 24-26wks.

    We just welcomed a light sussex to the family today, she is 10wks old & so pretty...so i dont really mind waiting for eggs [​IMG]
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    Not to cause an issue, but you could expect eggs at around 16 weeks. watch combs and wattles for turning red its a clear sign that Pullets are maturing and getting ready to lay.
    I also live in Canada. I run a heat lamp all winter and get eggs all winter long. Once the temp hits Minus 10 the lamp stays on.
    Orpingtons are a great winter hardy breed in Canada.
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