When do roosters get spurs?


13 Years
Oct 4, 2008
New Milford, CT
Just curious as to when I might see spurs on my rooster. He's about 4 months old...we think... and crowing already. And if one crows will the others chime in if they are also roosters?

Sorry, new to this!
It depends on how old your roo is and what breed it is. I have one that crowed at four months and the other took two more months to crow. The one that took two months to crow grew spurs first. They are two seperate breeds.
my roo is just starting to get spurs of any sort of size. he had little nubs but he's 1.5 yrs old now and they are growing, maybe 1/2" long now. he's a NH Red. i assume it would vary based upon breed? crowing, however, he's done for a looooooong time.

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