When do the chicks get their spurs?


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Feb 21, 2011
Wondering when my chicks will start to get their spurs so that I can tell which are the hens and which are the roosters.


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Feb 27, 2008
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Spur development is not a good indicator to tell hens from roosters since hens will have spur buds as well. Some game hens will even have spurs just like a rooster. Most young roosters will not even have a spur until they are over a year old.

Other ways to tell are through comb changes. Rooster combs will turn redder and get larger quicker than a hen's comb (generally).

Second, look for "shiny" rooster feathers. Roosters will have pointy, shiny feathers along their necks and base of their tails.

Also, in some breeds, hens tend to feather faster than rooster chicks.
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Hi. I'm not sure of the age, but be aware that some hens end up with spurs as well. Depending on the breed, you will probably be able to also determine with size and color of comb, saddle feathers, and/or color patterns associated with the particular breed. Oh, and if you post pictures on the Breed/Gender forum you will get some good guesses or even some certain answers. Enjoy your chicks!


May 10, 2015
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Well I'm supposed to be raising my chicks upstate NY on 16 acres but my brother got sick so I'm trying to raise them on Long Island in a backyard. I only have 6 which where all supposed to be hens but I'm pretty sure this one who we now call Lily Van Buren is a rooster. I've got one of those crow no more neck bands and hope it will work cause he seems to be trying to crow. Rooster are a big No-No on long island so I hope it works til I get him upstate in about 6 months. Any other ideas to keep him quiet without the kill will be appreciated.

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