when do turkeys reach maturety?

they are free ranging and getting gamebird/ turkey crumbles, the 4month olds are bourbon reds and the 3month olds are 2bourbons, 2midget whites, and three narrengassets
My bourbon red turkeys are just starting to get mature at age 7-8 months. My hens started laying eggs at 9-10 months. the BR toms will get to 15 pounds (dressed weight) and the hens will get to 8 pounds (dressed).
I don't know about the other breeds. My 1.5 year old RB tom is significantly heavier than the 7 month-olds.
hope that helps.
Well, I don't believe turkeys are considered mature until at least 1 year of age.....but don't quote me on that.
We just butchered our narragansetts at 6 months (because they were trying to kill eachother) they dressed out between 10-15lbs.

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