When do you offer grit?

If you offer anything other than crumble to chicks they need grit. Ie worms, seeds, etc. You can purchase chick grit or pound up what you have for older birds. Older birds will forage for small rocks etc but I provide grit for my flock. I just dump it in small piles here and there in my yard and let them use as needed. You can also use a dish.
When my chicks were about a week old I wanted to start giving them meal worms as a treat, in order to start taming them and teaching them to come to the sound of my voice. So about two days before I introduced the dried worms, I put some chick grit in the brooder, in a heavy dish they could not tip over. And I was amazed, they gobbled up that grit the way I go after chocolate chips! :eek: I guess they know what they need!
I mix Chick Grit in Start and Grow feed starting at 2 weeks old at a ratio of 1/40.
2 ounces of grit by weight to 5 lbs feed. 10 ounces grit to 25 lb feed. I weigh grit with a kitchen scale.
At 7 weeks I offer Poultry Grit in a separate container. 20181214_095809.jpg .Chicks do eat pine shavings. GC
We brood on a bedding of native dirt and leaf litter shoveled from our orchard (the same areas our flock is rotated through), so we don't buy grit. (if no problem is created, no solution required.)

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