When do you remove the plaster holding the legs together


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8 Years
Nov 20, 2011
We put this on the chick yesterday that had splayed legs. He couldn't even really stand up yesterday (he just hatched yesterday morning---needed our help the poor weak thing!) but today, thank goodness, he is standing and even walking a bit!

I know you are supposed to replace the plaster every other day. But since he is kind of walking, should we actually replace it tomorrow with a new one, or just remove it altogether?

Thanks :)
just flip them on their backs and they get docile cause the blood rushes to their heads and have someone cut it off, for you
Thanks. So do you imagine that now that I am reaching the 48hr point, we an just remove it altogether and not put a new one on?
post it under the emergency section, I only know what I read and I am not sure on what to do next, maybe there is an expert out there

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