When do you start feeding grain?

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    At what age to any of you start feeding a little cracked grain to your growers?
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    Edited to add: I think you mean just as a treat, after I reread your post. I would feel comfortable offering cracked corn as a treat at around 3 weeks.

    I start feeding whole grains at around 6 weeks. Cracked corn, rolled barley, and rolled oats are included in my feed mix.

    I sometimes will sneak a few shelled sunflower seeds and flax seeds to the ones under 6 weeks old. But for the most part, I just feed organic chick starter until 6 weeks.

    They could handle the smaller seeds/grains IMO at 4 weeks, but I don't like to switch them over until I am confident that I can get the proper protein content into them with my mix. I don't want them to be out of balance.

    They need a lot of protein when growing. 20% is good. 17% minimum for growers.

    My mix tends to be less than that. I don't like to overburden them with too many seeds. And they don't like it either.
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