when does a PEEP become a BOK?

Discussion in 'Chicken Behaviors and Egglaying' started by lauriruth, Oct 20, 2009.

  1. lauriruth

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    i have 4 (8 weeks old) "pullets" from MPC. when do they Bok? one each: RIR, BO, SLW, Black Star. Haven't heard a crow yet. they change so much every week! I fluctuate between thinking some are roos and thinking they're all hens![​IMG]
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    They will sort of cluck in the next few weeks. The crows can come as late as 18 weeks for the roos. The pullets won't truly 'bok' until they are near laying, and that can be as late as 26 weeks or more- but usually isn't. I DO have 3 EEs that aren't laying yet at 24 weeks...but sometimes EEs are really late. They make deeper cluck noises but don't ba-gawk.
  3. musson

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    I have 4 12 week old pullets that occasionally make a bok noise. I think in another 4-6 weeks they will be making adult noises. I also have an adult RIR who honks [​IMG]
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    This is a funny topic. I think a PEEP becomes a BOK when the chick scares itself because the noise coming out of it is unfamiliar! Mine would all freeze for a moment when they first started "bok'ing"...what was that sound?!
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    Lol, my oldest are (supposedly, I think they're a bit older) around 11-12 weeks and they're distinctively clucking now, the transition period made me giggle.

    Then I have my younger ones that are 9 weeks, and they still.. for the most part, peep, but I heard some new voices yesterday when I was feeding them.

    I think the garbled peep/bok was the funniest thing I'd heard in a long time.
  6. chickensducks&agoose

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    mine all took like 16 weeks. They looked like chickens, but sounded like chicks. very odd.
  7. Amethyste

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    My baby girls are 13 weeks old now and look like grownup chickens! Just a bit scrawnier and littler lol They still need to fill out some [​IMG]

    However they have recently started the "Pee-uck" noises, as they start to cluck a little more all the time. They are stil babies tho... peeping not as much, and their voices sound cracky lol
  8. silkiechick05

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    aww the little babies haven't hit puberty yet

  9. KDOGG331

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    probably when they get a bit older/close to laying age and yes this is a funny post lol chicken puberty and the half peep half cluck noises and stuff haha funny, lol [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  10. PeeperKeeper

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    Usually when you're not looking! [​IMG]

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