when does a young cockeral before a good rooster?


8 Years
Jan 18, 2012
Milford, New Hampshire USA
i have an 18 week old cockeral that a few days ago got him some pullets to replace my bad luck with straight run =( last night was the girls 2nd night in the coop. he put himself to bed before they even were ready to go in, when do they start to take care of the girls?
If he's been alone for a few weeks, he may have to get adjusted to having company.... but it shouldn't take long.... I love watching my roos with the girls - the roos find treats for them and call them over, it's so cute. Even when I give them a favorite treat, the roos always make sure the girls eat the most.

One roo will search out little nesting areas in the barn and pasture and he actually makes the nest himself, sits in it to try it out, and then he calls the hens over to show them what he's done :)
Hi! Mine didn't really start taking care of the girl until he was about 5 or 6 months old. But he was a year younger than most of then hens, so first he had to mature and then become the top. By 1 year her was a proud and caring roo.
I agree, my roos were probably close to a year old when they picked up their duties and they were the same age as the pullets.... at 18 weeks that's 4 and 1/2 months, roughly. He may have a little growing to do....
ok, he wasnt alone, he had one other cockeral with him that found a new home the next day after i got some girls. he does dance around them like look how sexy i am =) and thats really cute, he still eats most of the treats so we will hang in there with him and hopefully watch him turn into an awsome roo =) thank you everyone

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