When does moulting start? I'm in Michigan.

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    Hopefully, not too dumb of a question, but this is my first year with chickens. Do they moult in spring and how long does it last? I've noticed their egg production is down quite a bit in the last week to 10 days. With the exception of my two new Ameraucanas (who aren't laying yet) all of my girls were born last spring and summer.
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    Some chickens go thru a mini-moult in the 7 to 9 month range, some of mine did. I upped their protein and it was over quickly. The big moult comes around 18 months.
    ETA: If your chicken coop looks like there was a pillow fight in there and some of your girls look a bit tattered, chances are it's a moult.
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    gritstar is right. If so, up the protein a bit to help them through it. Jean

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