When hen goes broody how long???

Discussion in 'Chicken Behaviors and Egglaying' started by Ericasl, Apr 14, 2008.

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    Ok here is my question (newbie) When and if I ever have a hen that goes broody, how long will she be broody. I have no roo so I will have to get some fertile eggs. I was hopping to buy some from someone here. I just did not know if I let her sit, how long does it take to get eggs in the mail.

    I ordered some fake wood eggs of E-bay to see if I can get someone to go broody. I have read alot about that on the forum. Some people say you can get them to go and others say you can not. So I am going to try it out and see if it works. Any info would really help.[​IMG]
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    Some breeds are more broody then others. I have had hens that would sit and hatch eggs, leave the chicks and go to another nest and sit on more eggs, Ive had some hens that wouldnt stay on the eggs long enough to hatch, Ive had hens that hatch chicks raise em and then go back and sit on more eggs again, it all depends on the hen. You just never know til you try. You'll have to see how your hen will do. Thanks.......ed
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    In response to your question, in my experience, she will stay broody until her eggs hatch, then she will be a good mother hen until she decides to run off the chicks, (a few weeks), then, in a short while she should begin to lay again. With any luck, she might soon again decide to go broody and the cycle starts over again. Neat how it works out, the chicks are the coolest part, but I guess you had that part figured already.
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    Broodiness is hormonal, sometimes a hen will break broody and get off the nest and leave the eggs, you can't really tell until its over how long they will stay broody.

    A hen eats less while broody, and loses weight so its not a good thing to have her hatch chicks and start setting on more eggs. Make sure she has fresh food and water within easy reach of her nest while she is broody.
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    I just bought some infertile grocery store eggs - marked them with a pencil and put them in the nest. After 2 days, one of my hens is happily sitting on them and growling at me everytime I come near.

    I have maran eggs en route in the mail and americauna eggs on my counter just waiting....I also have the incubator out and ready for the extras and just in case she decides sitting isn't for her [​IMG]

    So far, so good!

  6. rooster-red

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    Jun 10, 2007
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    Quote:Great advise, have the bator handy!

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