When incubating hatching eggs. Hens / Rooster ratio...

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  1. LittleChicks4Me

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    Oct 24, 2014
    Just curious...

    Is there a typical ratio of males and females when eggs arrive? Or just have to wait and see?

    I am ordering about 6-8 Cochin Bantam eggs half Mottled and half Calico's for my incubator, I am hoping for mostly hens. [​IMG]

    But guess nature decides.. :)

    I cannot keep more than one rooster...

    Thanks.. [​IMG]
  2. Aphrael

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    Jan 21, 2013
    The overall ratio of of males to females in hatched eggs is 50/50. However, this ratio may not be seen in such a small number of eggs. It tends to even out over 100's of eggs. But in a small hatch you could see 50/50, all females, all males, or anything in between! You just never know. My first couple hatches of chicks I got about 80-90% cockerels. I thought I was cursed! [​IMG] But then the numbers evened out more on successive hatches, so it was just one of those things. My first ducks, I hatched 2 got two boys. The second hatch of ducklings, I hatched 5, got 5 girls! [​IMG]
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    I hope you have a plan for the extras if you can only keep one rooster.

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