When is it ok to let the chicks outside? Like...sleep outside too.

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by TommyVT05, May 25, 2008.

  1. TommyVT05

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    Feb 6, 2008
    Southern California

    So...the chicks that just hatched, well, not really, are 17 days old now. Are they too young still to let out? The temp here is around 75-90F during the day and about 50-55F during the night. Dry, no rain and not too windy either.

    I got 26 chicks total, so if they all roost together, is it ok to cage them outside now or still too young?

    Never had to worry about this before because the other batches have a mom...this one, I am! Haha!

    - Tommy
  2. dacjohns

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    I believe the general of thumb for full time outside is when they are 5 -6 weeks old and fully feathered or when the temperature doesn't get below 70. Don't hold me to this. You should do some more research.

    During the day you can let them out under close supervision.
  3. TommyVT05

    TommyVT05 Songster

    Feb 6, 2008
    Southern California
    They hatched on the 8th of May.

    So! I will let them out on their own on the 9th of this month : )
    Its San Diego and especially at this time of the year, it won't rain anymore. Haha [​IMG]

    - Tommy
  4. Linda in San Diego

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    May 11, 2008
    San Diego
    Nope, won't rain no more, no more. LOL. I put mine out on the 4th week, but the coop is totally enclosed and the run gets lots of sunshine. We put them out on a weekend with temps in the 90's, which was of course followed by two weeks of cool temps - but I kept the light and/or heat lamp on in the coop. Now at 7 weeks they are in the coop, no heat, no light.

    These are my first ever chicks, so just doing trial and error. BTW Tommy, where have you found the best feed store? I have been to Dave's Family Feed and San Diego Pet. Do you have anywhere else to recommend?

    I have to be away from the flock, family and dogs next week as I will be gone with a school trip for a week. But I will still be on line, just an hour away from home all week.
  5. TommyVT05

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    Feb 6, 2008
    Southern California

    Yeah. No rain. Sadly...now all those wild grass that grew after the rain died. That was good for the chickens, now gone. Darn! Haha

    I used Daves too. I think they got the best price, don't you? They are the only one in San Diego with a $12 50lb bag. Everywhere else is like $15 and up, so yeah.

    - Tommy

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