When is moulting ?

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    As I recall when it got cold my one girl moulted last year ( which I thought weird to wait for the cold to shed feathers). Its been 5 days with no eggs now . This year the other 2 are 18 months old so I expect a moult but I am only seeing a few more feathers than usual.. not naked birds like the 36 month old was last year. Shouldn't they be moulting by now?

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    Oct 10, 2013
    molting usually happens when the days get shorter and colder, most birds will not going through their first annual molt until around the age of 16-18 months but some will start as early as a 12-14 months of age. I have a few birds that will go through a hard molt where they lose almost all their feathers at 1 time and then you see their new feathers start to come in, then I have other ones that you can barely tell they are molting as they only lose a few feathers at a time.
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    Some of my hens will quit laying about a week before you see the feathers coming off. She'll probably be starting her molt very soon.

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